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Dominick Posillico

Founder & Principal

Dedicated to the Value Mission

Dominick is an entrepreneur committed to bringing innovative solutions to any commercial consumer of energy within New York City and beyond with the goal of maximizing cost savings via the integration of multiple behind-the-meter technologies with creative financial engineering. He is a strong believer that the traditional methods of evaluating and financing clean energy & energy efficiency projects need to be radically changed to make adoption of technologies a simple decision for the end-user.

Diverse Experience To Get The Job Done

Dominick set out to change the way building owners think about their consumption and expenditures on energy by founding Consolidate Energy Solutions in 2010. He brings years of financial experience first at IBM then on Wall Street as a Research Analyst in the Energy Sector. With experience both in the private sector as an energy consultant to many commercial building owners in NYC and then the public sector as a Principal Energy Analyst for the Port Authority of NY & NJ, Dominick brings a wealth of knowledge and unique perspective to his clients unmatched in the NY market.

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Phone: 646-362-4667

Mobile / Text: 914-269-8366