Consolidate Energy Electric & Natural Gas Procurement

Large Commercial & Industrial Customers

This classification of end-users range from a single large Commercial Office Building, a single large Multifamily Building, a Manufacturing/Process Facility to a Portfolio of buildings consisting of Commercial, Multifamily and Mixed-Use buildings. Large users of power and/or natural gas introduce complexities when it comes to developing an effective procurement strategy. Because of our vast experience across many types of customers, we are able to identify and innovate creative procurement strategies that would have otherwise been overlooked.

One of our most successful creative procurement strategies in NYC have been for Real Estate Developers & Owners who have Built New Projects, Gut Rehabs of Existing Buildings and Residential Conversions of Commercial Buildings. If Your Project has been completed in the last 12-24 Months or Will be completed in the next 12 months, contact us ASAP as our unique strategy has saved some of our larger clients well into 6 figures and 7 figures in electricity costs over a 3 - 5 year period. ALL FOR NO COST TO THE CLIENT!!

The process is detailed, comprehensive and utilizes a variety of data-points to develop an effective solution.

Building(s) Deep Dive

We do things different. It's not just gathering utility bills.The process begins with becoming familiar with each building(s) operational behaviors through heavy engagement with our client and their buildings staff. The goal is to combine behavioral knowledge, basic energy system configurations and a comprehensive history of utility account data to develop the procurement strategy that fits the building or portfolio of buildings.

Analyze & Develop Strategy

Once we have an understanding of energy behavior for the building(s), a detailed analysis of historical data is conducted. This exercise provides both macro and micro usage/cost trends that guide the strategy moving forward. In the case of a Portfolio of Buildings, an additional layer of analysis is performed to determine optimal grouping of profiles. Within this exercise, there are potentially innovative ways we have provided enhanced value to customers (the special sauce if you will)

RFP & Execution

The final step involves translating the developed strategy into a detailed Request for Pricing (RFP), comparing pricing, comparing contract terms/conditions and working with the client to execute on the option that best suites their needs. We work with over 15 suppliers, consisting of the top ranking national firms to the best-in-breed regional firms. The choice of suppliers is based on the complexity of the RFP. It's not all about price when it comes to large energy users.

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