"Green My Building" Program From Consolidate Energy 

For New York Building Owners Only

The "Green My Building" Mission

The goal of the "Green My Building" program offered by Consolidate Energy Solutions is to provide building owners/managers with accurate information and analysis regarding energy efficiency projects so that they can decide if these projects make financial sense for the property.

The service is a low cost method of determining if a building should invest time and capital to make their facility more energy efficient. Consolidate Energy's role is to provide the building owner/manager with realistic energy savings estimates and accurate installation cost estimates to make an informed decision to invest in a particular energy project.

If a building owner/manager decides to pursue installation of an energy project, Phase II of the "Green My Building" program provides the building owner/manager a complete turn-key solution to get the project implemented using our vast network of installers & financing companies in the NY area.

What is Offered in the Program?

The program is available to New York building owners/managers who are interested in upgrading their facilities to reduce energy usage, cut energy expenses and also comply with the many NYC energy laws that will become effective in the next 2-5 years.

The program is designed for building owners/managers who are considering ANY of the following energy efficiency measures:

  • Lighting: Converting from Incandescent to either Fluorescent and/or LED
    • Includes common area lighting, exterior lighting, tenant space lighting and garage lighting
  • HVAC Upgrades: Upgrading or Retrofit of existing systems
    • Includes VFDs, High Efficiency Motors, Boilers/Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters
  • Fuel Conversions: Converting Heating System
    • Includes converting from No. 6 oil to Natural Gas or a dual fuel No. 2 / Natural Gas system
    • Important for compliance with NYC local laws on heating oil
  • Advanced Projects: Renewables
    • Includes Solar PV: Rooftop mounted systems
    • Includes Cogeneration: On-Site electric generation and waste heat recovery

What Does Consolidate Energy Provide the Building Owner/Manager?

The idea is to work with the building owner/manager on the measures they are interested in evaluating for a potential installation. From the list of measures above, the building owner/manager decides which projects to pursue and Consolidate Energy will perform all due diligence and provide a feasibility (ROI) study for the measure.

With the feasibility study, the building owner/manager will then decide if the project will be implemented. If the building owner/manager decides to implement the measure, Consolidate Energy will also provide the resources (installers, engineers, etc) to successfully implement the project.

The "Green My Building" Feasibility study includes the following for ANY of the above measures:

  • Building Assessment: Determine what systems are existing at the facility
  • Energy Baseline Profile: Current energy usage baseline and cost profile for the facility
  • Energy Savings Estimates: Realistic energy savings for each measure
  • Energy Cost Savings Estimates: Realistic cost savings based on existing facility rates and market conditions
  • Installation Cost Estimates: Current installation costs for the measure
  • Applicable Grants: State and Utility grant programs available to the project to offset installation costs
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Based on energy cost savings and project installation costs

For the Fuel Conversions measure the Feasibility study also includes:

  • Working with ConEdison or National Grid to determine if an adequate gas service line is in your area
  • We will also obtain the costs and options to bring the gas service to your building

How Much Does the "Green My Building" Service Cost?

The "Green My Building" service is meant to be a low-cost method for building owners to evaluate the feasibility of energy projects. Pricing depends on which measures the building owner is interested in evaluating as well as the complexity of the building. However, the Feasibility study will represent only a fraction of what the installed measure would cost.

Because Consolidate Energy is a diverse energy brokerage, the "Green My Building" service can be NO COST to building owners/managers who execute an energy supply/purchasing contract for their electricity and/or natural gas depending on the size of their facility. This is a fantastic way to save on existing utility costs and also provide a "no cost" solution to evaluating energy projects. Others charge thousands of dollars for this service.