Consolidate Energy Heating System Solutions

Upgrades For The Boiler Room

Still heating your building with dirty and expensive fuel oil?

Heating & Domestic Hot Water equipment past its useful life and causing maintenance headaches?

Looking for a better way to control your heating systems and have a real-time monitoring solution?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of the above, then we have you covered:

Oil-To-Gas Conversions

If your NYC building's primary heating source is from #2, #4 or #6 Fuel Oil, consider a conversion to Natural Gas. Benefits are many beyond lower fuel bills including: Reliable Service, Fuel Flexibility, NYC Local Law Compliance, Cleaner Air. Now is a great time to evaluate a conversion as your building may be eligible for a FREE street natural gas connection from ConEdison as they continue to expand the gas infrastructure in NYC.

Boiler Room Upgrades

Having a natural gas line is only as good as the equipment burning it. If your boiler, heat exchanger or domestic hot water system is past its useful life, inefficient and maintenance costs continue to rise each season, its time for an upgrade. Give your tenants or residents consistent, uninterrupted heating and DHW for many years to come. They sure will appreciate that and your maintenance staff will also thank you for it!

Monitoring & Control

Whether your existing heating systems are sufficient or they were upgraded, are they being operated in an effective manner? Does your staff have a real-time look at the equipment status, energy usage, or set-points so they can react quickly before any issues occur? In today's world of cloud based solutions, monitoring & controlling these energy systems is possible. Plus there are rebates available for this solution.

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