Every Building Owner and Small Business That Calls NYC Home knows how expensive life can be in the Big City... especially those annoying utility bills!

As annoying as ConEdison bills can be, customers typically suck it up, pay the bill and move on... often giving little to no time to understand how they can lower utility expenses. Why? Because Time is More Valuable

Our Mission Is Simple

Provide Long-Term Value To Customers With The Goal of Reducing Utility Related Expenses Through Creative No/Low Cost Integrated Energy Solutions

Meet The Team

Energy Practitioners

Our core belief is that hard work yields great results. Since 2010, we have analyzed thousands of ConEdison bills and put in the work to fully understand the New York utility market. Being Energy Practitioners means we live, breath and execute in the NYC & Westchester markets on a daily basis. This results in a deep rooted knowledge of the "how" and "why" of a client's utility expenses. Our client, regardless of size, IS our top priority and trust us with their energy related goals.

Value Proposition

The root of our Value Proposition is developing energy solutions that require LITTLE or NO upfront cost for our clients and have HIGH IMPACT on reducing energy expenses. Technologies around energy efficiency & distributed generation are constantly evolving. New York is one of the few states that is re-imagining the utility grid of the future. We are constantly evaluating the industry & deploying technologies if and when they fit into our core strategy.


When we were over-billed for four years of steam usage, we hired CES to analyze our usage so that we could settle the bill. Dominick and his team were easy to work with throughout the process, answered all of our questions, and helped reduce our bill by $33,000. I'm confident that his team's recommendations will further reduce our energy use and utility bills for years to come. I highly recommend CES for any energy savings projects.