Powering Smart Energy Choices

Consolidate Energy Solutions provides an extensive suite of behind-the-meter professional energy consulting / brokering / project development services for any commercial / industrial / non-profit / public / residential consumer of electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, district steam and water across the United States.

We deploy a holistic approach to behind-the-meter energy use and cost reduction based on our foundation of de-regulated energy experience and expertise. We develop and implement energy projects based on the following 4P approach:

  • 1 Permanent Energy Reduction - Energy Reduction involves the evaluation of a multitude of electricity / natural gas / district steam / fuel oil / water measures including but not limited to Energy Storage (Battery/Thermal), LED lighting & controls, Building Automation, Solar PV, Distributed Generation, HVAC (VFDs, Boilers, etc.), Oil-to-Gas Conversions,  Low-Flow Devices, Steam Distribution Improvements (steam traps, etc).
  • 2 Payback Maximization - Our clients always come first and we only recommend projects that make financial sense for the customer based on their investment criteria. Yes, energy projects are financial investments and we treat them as such. Our expertise in behind-the-meter optimization results in creative techniques to maximize project IRR/ROI with strategies such as Demand Response, Utility/Sate/Federal Incentive Maximization, Tax Benefits and more. 
  • 3 Price Execution - We know the United States electricity and natural gas de-regulated energy landscape and we know how behind-the-meter energy reduction projects impact retail electricity and natural gas supply rates. Our clients not only achieve optimal energy reductions (kW, kWh, BTU) but also optimal energy rate reductions ($/kWh, $/therm). The result, maximum dollar savings for our clients!
  • 4 Project Financing - If a client does not have capital reserves to fund behind-the-meter energy projects or would rather use their critical reserve funds for other facility improvements, no problem. Consolidate Energy Solutions provides project financing from conventional loans to shared savings, PPA's and other creative financial structures!

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Consolidate Energy Solutions is a member of the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program Market Partner Network. Market Partners are trained to provide technical support to commercial and industrial customers for the installation of energy efficient equipment and can assist with the application process.

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